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If you are only looking to get a quote to air condition a single room it it is not essential to enter more information. Simply scroll to the end of the from and click the "Submit" button.

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Air conditioning your home is about maximising your comfort. Our intelligent control system allows you to manage the comfort levels in every room. So that you can design the best controls for your air conditioning system it's important to think about how you use each room in your house.

Wallhung Split: All our wall hung units, have simple to use remote controls. So you set the temperature you want for each unit

Ducted and Multi-split Systems: Ducted and Multi-split systems use single outdoor unit and zoning is used to control how the air is distributed throught the home. A central wall mounted controller is used to set temperature, times and to turn zones on and off.

Zoning: Zoning is a system that allows you to turn the air conditioning on or off in parts of your home. So you are only heating or cooling the parts of the house that are in use.

With our systems up to 6 zones are possible and it is usual to put rooms with similar usage into the same zones

How many zones will you need in your home?

If you have a multi story home will you need a wall mounted controller on both levels?

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