Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning

Simple - Flexible - Affordable

Air conditioning for single rooms or open spaces

Inverter Wall Hung Split System Air Conditioners Split System Air Conditioners for Town Houses

Inverter Wall Hung Split Systems

Wall Hung Split System air conditioners are a simple and affordable way to air condition single rooms or open spaces.

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most popular form of air conditioning in Australia.

The major benefits of wall mounted air conditioners are:

Cost: Wall hung split systems are cheap to buy and install.

Flexibility: You can add air conditioning to additional rooms over time.

Control: Each unit has a simple to use remote control. This allows completely different temperature settings for each room.

Nano Titanium Filter*

Any microbes that manage to pass through the prefilter are captured by the Nano Titanium Air Purifying Filter and are effectively neutralised. Shuts out germs and bacteria. Hitachi’s original prefilter covers the entire air inlet to prevent dust and other particles from entering.

*Nano Titanium Filtration is standard on RAS 50, 60, 70 and 80 models and optional on the RAS 25 and 35 models

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Air Conditioning Nana Titanium Microbe Filter