Quality and Service You Can Trust

Both Hitachi and Temperzone have built their air conditioning business on the basis of exceptional quality and service. Together they have more than 75 years experience air conditioning Australia. All our domestic products are backed by full 5 year parts and labour guarantees.

Temperzone and Hitachi Quality

Temperzone & Hitachi Quality

Both Temperzone and Hitachi have a long reputation for quality product, installation, service and after sales service.

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Temperzone and Hitachi Guarantee


Both Temperzone and Hitachi offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty on all domestic air conditioning systems installed by a Temperzone accredited dealer or installer.

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Temperzone Spare Parts

Spare Parts

If you ever require spare parts for either Temperzone or Hitachi air conditioners you will be pleased to know that a comprehensive range of parts is readily available through Temperzone's national network. This means parts for, even for older units are available anywhere in Australia in at most a few days.

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