Running Cost

Once you have decided on the air conditioning system for your home you will probably be interested to know how much it will cost to run. Actual running costs depend on the size of the unit and how much time it is operating at full load and your local electricity cost. The examples below will give you an idea of the maximum cost per hour for heating and cooling.

In the product information you have received there will be several numbers that will help you understand how much it will be to run the system for both heating and cooling.

If the data sheet has Power Input figure in kW (not the heating or cooling capacity of the unit) you simply multiply this number by your local energy cost in kWh (kilowatt hours) to give you a running cost in cents.

If the input power figure is not given you will need to divide the Cooling Capacity figure by the EER figure and then multiply this by your local energy cost.

e.g. 1 Input power rating for a 6.0kW wall hung split system is 1.84kW. Multiply this by your local electricity cost (varies quite bit within Australia so check your latest electricity bill.) say 25* cents per kilowatt hour.

e.g.2 Running cost = 1.84 X 25 = 46 cents per hour
For the same unit the Cooling Capacity is 6.0 divided by EER of 3.26 = 1.84
1.84 X 25* cents = 46 cents per hour.

For heating use the heating capacity and the COP figures instead of cooling capacity and EER.
e.g. 3 For this unit the Heating capacity is 7.0 and the COP is 3.41
7.0 divided by 3.41= 2.05 multiply this by your energy cost (25c*) and you get a heating mode running cost of 51.25 cents per hour.


* Please note the 25 cents per kilowatt hour amount is used purely to show you how the calculation works. Actual rates vary considerably both above and below 25cents and you should consult your most recent electricity bill or your electricity supplier for your actual electricity tariff.