energy efficient heating and cooling solutions

Energy Efficiency Systems

The energy efficiency of domestic air conditioning units is improving all the time. The Australian Government sets MEPS standards for air conditioning and all Hitachi and Temperzone units exceed the government standards.

Home Cooling


Air Conditioning is really the only cooling option for the majority of Australian homes and offices. It is the only system that provides real climate control for your home.

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Home Heating


Reverse cycle Air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home. It is more energy efficient than gas heating and much more energy efficient than a slow combustion stove or free standing electrical heaters.

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Energy Efficient Insulation


One of the most important ways to make you air conditioning more efficient is to properly insulate your home. Properly designed and installed insulation will significantly reduce both the heating and cooling load on your home.

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Quiet Air Conditioners


The outdoor units of all air conditioners are noisy. Careful location of the outdoor unit is important to ensure that your new air conditioning system does not cause a neighbourhood noise problem.

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R410A Refrigerant


Both Hitachi and Temperzone air conditioning systems use R410A refrigerant, which both increases the energy efficiency of the compressor and also has an Ozone Depletion Potential of 0.00

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Air Conditioner Running Costs

Running costs

Once you have decided on the air conditioning system for your home you will probably be interested to know how much it will cost to run. Actual running costs depend on the size of the unit and how much time it is operating at full load and your local electricity cost.

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